Grenville Fish and Game Club
Covid19 Health Safety Guidelines
By entering the club you acknowledge that you may come in contact with the COVID19 virus and that you assume all risk associated with the disease and will not hold the club or its members liable.

CFGC & Public Health Requirements...

As per the just-released Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit Public Health Instructions, from today until further notice members are required to wear masks/face coverings while in the Clubhouse and the indoor range, but are not required to wear them while using the outdoor ranges.  Feel free to wear them outdoors if you prefer though, of course.

Bring wipes to clean the lock at main gate and the latch on “range in use sign” by gate.
Also clean the latch on the “caution range in use” dropdown sign on the range.

Observe Social-distancing (Six Feet), Washing Hands etc.

There will be a sign-in pen but we suggest that you bring your own to sign-in.

The lock at this time will be removed from the sign-in area and the lid left open.
Red safety arm-bands will also be there, but you also could bring your own if you wish.

First Aid kits will be located at the safe area table for now.
Please do not touch unless necessary.

Hand sanitizer will be at the back door and the entrance to the washrooms.
MUST USE before touching door handles.

It is at the discretion of individuals to wear a mask and/or gloves.

Disinfect your shooting area before and after use. Chair, Table etc.

All garbage must go home with you. Wood, Targets, Water Bottles, Pop cans etc.
If it came with you it is going home.
This is being done because we are NOT sorting anything at this time.

If you are feeling ill at all, please stay at home.

You may bring your own chair if you wish.
Whatever makes you feel comfortable.
Please respect everyone’s space and enjoy